Airfield Information


DUNWICH (North Stradbroke Island) YDUN. Qld.

Operator: Stradbroke Air P/L. PO Box 29 Dunwich Qld 4183.

WAC: 3340. S.27.31. E.153.25.7. VAR.11.

Runways: 15/33 865m grass over gravel. Elev: 250 ft. CTAF: 126.7, BN CEN: 125.7 marginal on the ground.

Landing notification requested(07 34099727). No landing charges apply to members or anyone attending the Straddie Fly-in Breakfast. Landing charges do apply to non-members($20) and all commercial operations($20).

Remarks: Approaches are generally clear. Strip slopes 1 in 64 uphill to the south. Strip is all weather however use caution after heavy rain. An animal hazard(kangaroos, wallabies, ducks, magpies, plovers etc.) exists on the runway in the early morning and late afternoon.


Strong Winds: At times of strong S or SE winds, use caution on approach to runway 15 due to turbulence or windshear. Strong SW to W winds will also produce windshear and rotors both to the south of the airfield and especially to the north.


Circuits: On busy flying days e.g. fly-in breakfasts, please join on downwind for your landing and avoid joining on final. By all means, try a straight-in approach at other times.


Taxiing: Soft sand areas and rough surfaces exist outside the cone markers - use caution. On busy flying days e.g. fly-in breakfasts, taxi with care outside the cone markers only on the western side of the runway to the Rwy 33 threshold or to the Rwy 15 threshold using the taxi guide below. At all other times, backtracking is recommended.


Facilities: Toilets and hot shower, phone available in the clubhouse. Caravan accommodation or camping is available at the field for aviators by prior arrangement. Nearest town Dunwich 6km NW.

Attractions: Beaches, Fishing, Golf, Diving, Whale watching, bush walking. For off field accommodation or Island tours contact the Visitor Information Centre (07) 3409 9555


Note: Please study the Taxi Guide below.


Looking West